Your vote can still send a message

Politics as usual has put our country adrift from the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility that all republics are founded upon.  Politicians, political parties, crony corporatists, and others have taken hold of the systems of government and used them to their own benefit at the expense of all of us.  It is difficult to even find accurate information in order to make informed political decisions as much of the media seems less interested in presenting an objective point of view than they do in editorializing events to promote their own agenda. It is irrelevant whether it is “Conservative” or “Liberal” media putting their spin on it, the very fact it is labeled as such is evidence of this built in bias.  Even the two major political parties have established for themselves electoral cartels, limiting competition to the point that a small, centralized cabal can fraudulently manipulate the outcome of their party processes despite even the will of their own membership.

In this paradigm your vote really doesn’t matter.  It’s rigged.

Continuing to participate in this way is a waste of your vote, you are throwing it away!

It’s time to change paradigms and send a message.  Let’s stop voting based on fear or hoping in the empty promises of policies that are never executed properly.

Do you want your vote to mean something?

Then ignore the propaganda and the promises and key in on principles.

These are my principles:


Voting by principle sends a clear message.  

Your vote is the currency of politics. Just like a business will change to accommodate the desires of its customers or risk going under, politicians likewise cater to the polls in order to garner votes.  However, if they can distract you from your principles using fear, envy, or other tactics, then they can craft a message that paints them as a benevolent savior, instead of a puppet being used to manipulate you for the gain of others.  This has become such a lucrative endeavor that billions of dollars are invested into political campaigns that reach into your televisions shows and your news feeds, even into our public schools, distorting the very premise of legitimate authority by constantly drawing your attention away from the core principles of liberty.  Billions of dollars wouldn’t be invested if it weren’t worth it to those paying the bill.

However, this scheme is built upon a false premise.

The Principles of Liberty are self-evident.  They don’t need an expensive marketing campaign, they mustn’t go viral on social media, they don’t need to be validated by the main stream news; true principles are evident in our nature, and any critically thinking individual ought to be able to discern and apply them even amidst a media storm of misinformation.  Of course the more people who become aware of the principles the better, but the point is that even without technology or formalized education, maybe especially so, any individual can grasp these simple concepts and put them to work in their own lives.

You can make a difference by not throwing your vote away.

Make your vote mean something.  Send a message to those that intend to rule over you that you are no longer fooled by their distractions.  That if they intend to garner your support, then their actions must fall in line with the self-evident and inalienable principles that serve as the premise for authority in our republican form of government: life, liberty, happiness.

Even if only a small percentage of voters have the courage to make their voices known in this way it will have a profound effect on policy.  As more people wake up to their own liberty, it will be reflected in our conversations, our activities, and even in political polling data and even the most unprincipled politician will be forced to heed the message and cater to it if he wants to keep his job.

Electing Libertarian candidates puts the principles of Liberty right inside the enemy’s gates.

Politicians have developed an ability to insulate themselves from reasonable positions so that they can have a plausible deniability to the truth while they promote their unreasonable and self serving agendas.  This becomes much more difficult for them to accomplish if they are forced to answer the simple and reasonable questions that the principles of Liberty demand.  Even without garnering a majority, a principled Senator or Representative can force even the most powerful politician to have to do the work of couching his or her language in such a way that doesn’t expose their overt disdain for the people’s Liberty.  Since public policy consists of words, then the power to control the language is very important.

Imagine if these principled people were to take office here and there from local offices, to state offices, to federal offices all throughout our country.  It wouldn’t take many, but it would establish a powerful point of communication for the message of Liberty to once again take root in the halls of government.

We can make this happen.

This election provides a perfect opportunity to satisfy the voter’s desire for an alternative to the bad options being pressed upon them by the two parties and allow them to throw their support toward a principled Libertarian that, even without extensive connections and powerful friends, can take the message of Liberty into a place where its voice has tragically been silenced for far too long.

Let me be that principled Libertarian.

I don’t have the political machine or the powerful connections to wield the power of government to satisfy my personal will or to attract obscene amounts of campaign contributions.  That alone should qualify me over the incumbent in this race.  However, what I do have is my principles, and I will proudly and boldly take them to the United States Senate and breathe back into that place the words and ideals that enabled its very founding.  We can shake the foundations of our government, not to destroy it, but to allow it to shake off the parasites that have grown up around it and drained it of its power and purpose!  We can do this by overcoming the fear and living securely guided by the strength of our principles.

I am not afraid of your Liberty.